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Onboarding for Venues (NL)

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About easifan

The easifan mobile app connects fans to live, local entertainment, arts and sports. The content management system (CMS) that powers the easifan app makes it easi for performers, athletes and venues to create profiles and to create, post, manage and promote live, local performances. The app and CMS are available free of charge.

Our platform is much more than a listing of live, local entertainment, arts and sports. The more you engage with the platform, the more you will get from it. Fans can create a personalized ideas event feed, get notifications about events featuring their favourite Stars, Groups, Teams or Venues, access ticket information and links, and use powerful search tools to explore and plan. Fans and content creators can use familiar like and share features to influence event rankings. Events can be promoted to appear prominently in event feeds and stimulate ticket sales.

We want to build local communities that support the discovery and development of local talent. We encourage and facilitate collaboration amongst local venues, performers and athletes to create events on our platform.

Regional launch plans

Events are displayed on the easifan mobile app based on the proximity of the venue to the user’s mobile device. We will launch the app on a regional basis and recruit content creators in each new region.

We will begin promoting the easifan app in Newfoundland and Labrador in February 2023 after we recruit and onboard content creators throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

We will launch the platform in other provinces throughout 2023 and hope to have a presence across Canada by the end of 2023.

Onboarding overview

easifan is a self-serve platform. Stars, Groups, Teams and Venues create and maintain profiles that become building blocks to easily create, post, manage and promote events.

For demonstration purposes and to facilitate the onboarding of content creators in Newfoundland and Labrador, we have created selected profiles and events based on information extracted from public domain websites and social media. Our initial onboarding process in NL will allow Stars, Groups, Teams and Venues to claim their profile(s) so they don’t have to create the profile from scratch. Once ownership of a profile has been transferred within the platform, the new owner can edit the profile as required and manage the profile going forward.

Please follow the steps below to claim/create your Venue profile and get set up to create events on the easifan platform.


Onboarding instructions for Venues


  1. Download the easifan app.
  2. Register and sign-in to the app to access all the app’s features and benefits.
  1. Confirm that you are authorized to create and manage this Venue profile on the easifan platform. To allow maximum flexibility, our platform allows any registered content creator to create an event. But, as a registered venue manager, you will have ultimate control over all events posted at your venue. When another user creates an event at your venue, you will receive a notice that an event has been created. If you did not authorize the event at your venue, you can delete the event and/or contact the event creator to address any concerns.
  2. If you are authorized to be the venue manager, create a CMS account. easifan CMS registration

You must create a separate CMS account because your CMS account is a verified account (you will receive a verification code via email). You can use the same credentials for both accounts if you choose, but you must create separate accounts.
You can manage a single profile or a portfolio of profiles using a single CMS account. (e.g. You can manage more than one Venue; or you can manage a Venue profile, a Star profile and 2 Group profiles.)

  1. Bookmark the CMS login screen.

You can manage your CMS account and create events on your mobile device, but we recommend that you use a desktop/laptop for ease of use and optimal performance.

  1. Use the app’s search tools [Quick Search|Venues] to determine if there is already a profile for your Venue.

Profile found

  • Email us at to claim any Venue profile(s) that we had created for demonstration purposes.
  • After we have assigned the Venue profile(s) to you, login to your CMS account and edit the profile(s) as you wish.

Profile not found

  • Login to your CMS account.
  • Use the online form at [Venues|Create New] to create a profile for your Venue. We hope the online CMS forms are self-explanatory but additional guidance is available in the Content Creator User Guide.

In the Information section of your Venue profile, outline what makes your Venue different or special. Include relevant history of your building or business. Include information about the live music and events that you feature.
Leave Accessibility and Parking blank unless you have specific accommodation that you wish to highlight.


Congratulations! You are now ready to Create Events on the easifan platform. Encourage all your performers to create profiles on the easifan platform so building events will be easi.

If you have any questions or require assistance with onboarding, please contact us at