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Creating Live Music Events

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It’s easi to create events on the easifan platform using the online forms in our content management system (CMS).

Name your event, select the event type, write a description, select the event date and time, select the venue from our database, select the event lineup from our database, add ticket details, add pictures. Presto… publish your event.


But we are often asked “Who should create events, the Venue or the Star/Group?”

Our answer: “It depends!”

Both parties should have an interest in promoting each and every performance. We all want bigger audiences! But the decision may be different from venue to venue. The important thing is to have an understanding so someone creates the event on a timely basis.



We encourage and facilitate collaboration amongst local venues, performers and athletes to create events on our platform. Stars, Groups, Teams and Venues create and maintain profiles that become building blocks to easily create, post, manage and promote events. When profiles are already available in our database, creating events is quick and easi. Whenever you book a gig, make sure the other party has a profile on easifan.

To allow maximum flexibility, our platform allows any registered content creator to create an event. But venue managers have ultimate control over all events posted at their venue. If you create an event but are not the venue manager, the venue manager will receive a notice that you have created the event. If the venue manager has not authorized the event, they can delete the event and/or contact you at the email address provided. We implemented this control to prevent and/or detect the creation of false, misleading or unauthorized content.

Our primary focus is showcasing local talent. We want to build local communities that support the discovery and development of local talent. The Content Guidelines in our Terms of Service describe the types of content that we allow and prohibit on our platform so the emphasis is always on the performers.

Subject to our Terms of Service and any agreement between the parties, whoever creates the event will control the content posted for an event.

If the Star/Group creates the event, they control the description of the event and the photos that are added. We encourage you to include some biographical information in the event description so fans will know what to expect at your performance.

If the Venue creates the event, subject to our Terms of Service, they can also promote daily food and beverage specials.

If the Venue has multiple performances on a single day/night, they may choose to create a single event and include each of the performers in the Lineup.

Photos and other images enhance the appeal of events on the platform. Each event includes a cover photo/image and three additional photos/images. Whichever party creates the event will have to access photos and other images to include in the event. At present, each content creator can build a gallery of photos/images that can be used over and over as they create events. In our next release, galleries will be associated with each Star, Group, Team or Venue and will be accessible to all content creators. We will also introduce a “submitted photo” feature that will allow photographers to submit photos that can be accepted into a gallery; when these photos are opened in the app the photographer’s name will be displayed.

Events can be copied and edited to create a new event. If the performance is a recurring gig at a venue and the Venue is creating the event, then they just need to edit the date (and refresh text and photos from time to time). When a Star or Group creates their events, they have the option of copying another event and editing any elements as required (date, venue, text, photos/images).


So… “It depends!”  

Just make sure you have an understanding about who will create the event.