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Claiming a Demo Profile

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easifan is a self-serve platform. Stars, Groups, Teams and Venues create and maintain profiles that become building blocks to easily create, post, manage and promote events.

For demonstration purposes and to facilitate the onboarding of content creators in Newfoundland and Labrador, we created selected profiles and events based on information extracted from public domain websites and social media. Our initial onboarding process in NL will allow Stars, Groups, Teams and Venues to claim their profile(s) so they don’t have to create the profile from scratch. Once ownership of a profile has been transferred within the platform, the new owner can edit the profile as required and manage the profile going forward.

There is a separate (verified) registration required to create content on the platform.

We have reached out to all those for whom we have created demo profiles and directed them to these instructions to claim their profile(s). Any profiles not claimed by February 28, 2023 will be deleted.

Instructions to claim your demo profile


  1. Download the easifan app.
  2. Register and sign-in to the app to access all the app’s features and benefits.
  3. Use Quick Search to find and review your demo profile.
  1. Register in our content management system (CMS) to claim your profile and be able to create events. You can get to the CMS registration page several ways:
      • Go to Content Management in the app’s main menu; select Register Now on the login screen
      • Tap either of the Get Started buttons on the easifan website home page
      • Tap the Create Content button on the easifan website main menu; select Register Now on the login screen
You must create a separate CMS account because your CMS account is a verified account (you will receive a verification code via email). You can use the same credentials for both accounts if you choose, but you must create separate accounts.
  1. Email us at to claim your profile.

Congratulations! You are now ready to Create Events on the easifan platform. When you book gigs, make sure the other party is also on the platform so building events will be easi.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us at