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Transitioning to self-serve events

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easifan is a self-serve platform. Stars, Groups, Teams and Venues create and maintain profiles that become building blocks to easily create, post, manage and promote events.

For demonstration purposes and to facilitate the onboarding of content creators in Newfoundland and Labrador, we created selected profiles and events based on information extracted from public domain websites and social media. We will transfer demo profiles and events to newly registered content creators to assist them as they begin to create content on the platform.

After our public launch, we will be actively recruiting new Stars, Groups, Teams and Venues onto the platform. They will create new profiles and events. We will not create any more demo profiles ourselves, but we may continue to create events during a transition period to ensure there is sufficient event content to be of interest to new fans on the platform.

We have reached out to all those for whom we had created demo profiles and asked them to claim their profile(s) so they can create events on the platform. Any profiles not claimed by March 31, 2023 will be deleted.