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For Teams

To provide the best fan experience, we only feature highly competitive sports events that will appeal to a large public fan base. For that reason, we set up and administer the leagues, tournaments and competitions that are featured on our platform. We actively engage with governing sports bodies in each of our markets to identify select leagues, tournaments and competitions to get them set up on our platform. In the case of team sports, a team must be associated with a league or tournament on the platform when a team profile is created. If your league or tournament is not set up on our platform, contact us at to apply to have your league or tournament set up.

To create your Team profile, select your sport then search for the applicable governing body and league. Include a profile photo or logo, short biography, and links to your team’s website and social media channels. Build a photo gallery for other users to access when creating events.

To build your roster, select members of your team who already have profiles on easifan. Encourage other members of your team to create Star profiles and add them to your Team profile.

Encourage venues where your team plays to create profiles so building events is easi.

Create events using our simple forms.

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